Volunteering, Milennials et al

One of the recent surveys spoke about the fact that over 70 % of millennials give time and money to causes they support.While it was a US survey , I am sure those numbers won’t be too different in India. During my millennial days ( when i was a decade younger) I knocked several doors in apartment in mumbai asking people to register to vote, even did the same in blore. These are experiences I remember and also helped me understand how our governance works ( or not !).

Past few years I have interacted with many companies and NGOs. Few of the concerns which I get are  how many people will volunteer ? Have they taught in govt school ? How will manage a group of 50 ? and many others in a similar vein.

One of key aspects I realize which is true for a social enterprise is time ( or lack of it ). Here is where volunteers with right skills make a big difference to many non profits. So far we have been connecting vounteering opportunities to people we know and hoped that it does the job.

This month we have put up 4 events on tech platform eventurbo where in we manage multiple events for NGOs. It makes registering for events easy, makes the data on people registering for volunteering available to NGOs to understand how many people plan to come. It also allows one to ask specific skill questions like (have you worked on tally before ? Or do you have any music experience) .

Click here to see our current events.

We plan to add more volunteering activities to that and soon we would add Giving to it.Hence making it one place to donate ,volunteer and even share with your friends.

We would love to hear what you think about it since I am not a millennial and don’t claim to know everything about them. I am just a graying, 37 yr old who can do 3 pull-ups and about 10 push-ups.

PS: caveat , people of all age group are welcome to volunteer