9.6 Million cancer deaths a year

Cancer. Yup it has captured attention of Indians . It has also been subject of many true fake whatsapp messages. Fortunately it is not 1971 when the Iconic Hindi movie Anand about Cancer patient who rises above his disease and spreads happiness . In that Anand suffered and died of it .I will bet you...
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brown vs white

Brown or White

You may have observed that notebooks in our Green office portfolio are brown shade unlike the notebooks you usually encounter. The brown colour is natural colour of recycled paper from which these notebooks are made. The white paper which you use regularly, takes many cycles of bleaching,polishing t...
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Volunteering for health

I have been talking about projects which are creating social impact in various ways. These projects typically need funds to keep the good work going. While funds are critical , as part of Blended choices we offer organisations. This includes a good dose of volunteering. This one is from a very innov...
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